Give your game night a naughty new spin

Ready to take game nights to a whole new level of excitement? Fluttr Spin the Bottle does that and more, with a dynamic gameplay that gets players into each others’ personal spaces in hilarious, naughty ways. No, no one will lose their virginity playing Fluttr and no, no one will wake up the next day feeling dirty.

Just a few minutes into the game you’ll realize two things: first, the Challenges are quite tame; just enough to get your blood pumping and your butterflies fluttering; and second, getting close and interacting physically with others releases endorphins and oxytocin which make you feel really good.

The greatest thing about Fluttr is that players are encouraged to get closer to each other, without the social conventions and awkwardness that can come from the intentions and consequences behind getting physical. Here, the intentions and consequences are the same for every player: to win – which is socially acceptable and non-threatening; and the Challenges come from the bottle so, there’s no one to blame and no one to judge.

Once all that is out of the way, you’re left with the thrill of the spin, the excitement of wondering who you’ll be matched with and the exhilaration of completing these funny, sexy and sometimes weird challenges with old and new friends. So let loose and let the bottle get you in all kinds of fun trouble. Fluttr Spin the Bottle is the perfect party game for any adult game night. Let’s feel the Fluttr, a night of naughty excitement awaits.

All you do is pick a card and spin a bottle. That determines what comes next. At that point, you can say, ‘the bottle made me do it”. It’s a champ at taking blame. Besides, how bad can it get? The answer is not at all. You may have to bite someone’s earlobe, maybe take off another player’s sock with your teeth. You may have to run your fingers along the inner waistband of a stranger’s underwear.

Some Challenges get a bit racier, and most of them give you enough wiggle room to explore with whomever the bottle matched you with. Is it someone you feel a lot of chemistry with? Oh boy, sparks will fly. Not so much chemistry? Super funny and still pulse-raising. Perhaps on the next spin, that sexy little number across the table and you may get to engage in some funky little fetish and it wasn’t even your idea! No one questions a twist of fate served by a spinning bottle. No matter how shy, Fluttr is guaranteed to turn anyone into a player.