Let your naughtiness take over

In Fluttr, 4 to 12 players must complete naughty challenges to win. Some are racy, some are grungy and all of them are outrageous.

But fluttr is not all about the challenges; it’s more about who the bottle picks for you to face that challenge with.


the fluttr

in 3 steps!

That’s when the Fluttr happens! Who’s it gonna be?

(Cue the butterflies in your stomach.)

Fluttr is all about consent. If a challenge is too much, you can pick up an Escape card and slide…
not without sharing some naughty truths, though. Fluttr always has a way to let your naughty side shine.

How long until you can play it at home, you ask?

Not long. We are currently on presale. Buy your’s today and get it before it’s available on retail.